Press Cuttings

The Enigma Auditorium Chamber Orchestra, Zaragoza, 14.3.97.



“...Luciano Berrio’s arrangements, with plenty of charisma peculiar to the author, were brazenly and aggressively evoked by the soprano Marta Fiol-just as they should be- and with a musicality quite out of the ordinary.”

“ The group Enigma had two exceptional collaborators. Marta Fiol sang the songs of Kurt Weill-as commented earlier- with charm and savoir-faire, but also with great style...”

Joaquín Aranda, Heraldo de Aragon



“ from Weill...Tres Canciones arranged by Luciano Berio, well developed by Olives and his musicians, shiningly convincing us of the great work of the soprano Marta Fiol, as much for her vocal handling as for the expression so well suited to the acidity and impudence of Weill’s music.”

Antonio Lasierra, El Periodico


“Canciones de Cabaret”, Sala Luis Galve del Auditorio, Zaragoza, 28.9.1997


“The soprano Marta Fiol and the pianist Carles Puig delivered... a delicious ‘mini-show’ discreetly and cleverly directed by Enric Llort, reviving, in an elegantly stylized way, the mythical-sordid world of Berlinesque cabaret. Pianist and singer performed with an intelligent brazenness, without losing sight of the importance of the music and the song. Marta Fiol, with her beautiful voice and expressive diction, evoked pertinently the texts of Wedekind and Bertolt Brecht and, even more, the music of Schönberg and Kurt Weill. With mastery: the same goes for Carles Puig at the piano.”

Joaquín Aranda, Heraldo de Aragón

  “The soprano Marta Fiol and the pianist Carles Puig offered a recital vestido that threaded together cabaret songs from Arnold Schönberg and Kurt Weill... impeccably performed by the Catalan duo”

Antonio Lasierra, El Periódico

“Cançons de Cabaret”, Teatre Artenbrut, Barcelona, 28.3.1998

“Marta Fiol and Carles Puig knew just how to connect with the audience, with a highly communicative interpretation. We highlight the theatrical and expressive qualities of the voice of the young but experienced soprano Marta Fiol, .who managed to perform a series of cabaret songs by Arnold Schönberg and Kurt Weill. with confidence and humour...”

M.P. Catalunya Música- revista musical catalana

“Cal 33-33 o el bon samaritá”, Grec 97, Festival d’Estiu de Barcelona

“Marta Fiol surprised us very positively with a communicative singing style and remarkable stage talent”.

F.T.B. Catalunya Música- revista musical catalana


“Un Segle de Lied Català”, Convent de Sant Agustí, Barcelona, July 1997

“Els Parfums by Mestres Quadreny...twenty brief songs were brilliantly performed by Marta Fiol, Montserrat Torruella and Marisa Martins, three singers clearly on their way up.”

Xavier Cester, Avui


“Tres cants d’amor” 

“The intensive Tres cants d’amor by Josep Soler, world première of a work from 1976, was the best performance so far of the soprano Marta Fiol... the young singer managed to lighten a music which, although demanding, never takes the voice past its limits.”

Xavier Cester, Avui


“Les Mamelles de Tirésias”, Teatre Artenbrut, 30.11.98

Two are better than one


  “...the team led by Marta Fiol offered a highly praised and very well rehearsed vision of the piece that was very much admired by the mistrustful audience  attending this very little publicised opening... Marta Fiol reafirmed us of her ability to interpret with just the right intention, with an absolute expressivity carried through to the smallest of her gestures. Her voice showed ample register.”

Pablo Meléndez-H, ABC

“ Few such worthy initiatives have been carried out in Barcelona in the past few years like this last one from Marta Fiol, offering us the chance to get to know the  opéra bouffe  of Poulenc, stage set and sung in its original french...Marta Fiol was an absolutely irresistible female lead...”

M.C, Òpera Actual


Les Mamelles de Tirèsies”(CD)

“One must highlight the work of Marta Fiol, the protagonist, who is just delicious in her double intervention.”

S.M.B, Scherzo


“Les Malheurs d’Orphée”,Barcelona,  Festival El Grec ’99


“Marta Fiol’s  Euridice was particularly expressive in her death scene...”

Xavier Cester, Avui


“L’idiota”, Barcelona,  Festival El Grec, ‘99  

“It was Marta Fiol who found the best balance between the music and recited parts of her role.”

Xavier Cester, Avui

“Ferias” (CD)


Perfectly interpreted by the Ensemble Barcelona Nova Música - and of particular note the performance of the soprano Marta Fiol – Ferias is one of the most original and interesting recordings dedicated to Lorca.”

D.P.S. Avui



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